On-premise or outsourced laundry processing

On-premise or outsourced – what you should know

Wherever you process your laundry, there are a variety of elements to consider. With many facility-
owners now choosing to bring their laundry operations in-house rather than outsourcing, it’s
important to have a full understanding of each.

Things to consider when outsourcing laundry

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Transport and packing

When linen laundering is outsourced, it’s important to ensure all
appropriate hygiene measures are taken throughout the entire process.
From the vehicles used to transport the linens to the packaging they’re
carried in and the way they’re received back to you, every single aspect
needs to be carefully monitored.

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Site visits

If you’re using an off-premise laundry solution, when was the last time you
visited the premises? Regular site inspections are absolutely essential for
you to be sure rigorous hygiene standards are being met throughout the
entire laundry process.

The benefits of an on-premise laundry

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When laundry is processed on-site, you can monitor every stage of the
process. Infection control and disinfection technology measures can be
undertaken and recorded at every stage, and facility owners can be
confident they’re meeting hygiene standards.

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Quality control

As well as saving money and guaranteeing hygiene standards, bringing
laundry facilities on-premise means you can perform rigorous internal
quality control checks – again leading to a more efficient and effective
laundry process that saves you time, money and stress.

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Whilst an on-premise laundry does involve associated maintenance costs,
the savings in bringing laundry on-premise rather than paying a company
to outsource your laundry will outweigh those – leading to overall
improved cost-efficiency for your facility. With improved quality control
measures, you’ll also be able to avoid damage to linens – over time, this
can lead to a significant cost-saving.

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Peace of mind

When you’re in control of your own laundry processes, receiving regular
validation reports and performing your own quality control checks, you
gain invaluable peace of mind.