Hygiene Procedures

We know about equipment – what about your laundry staff?

Not just for those on the health frontline, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes items such as
gloves, aprons and even face shields, for particularly sensitive environments or during outbreaks. PPE
should be worn by anyone who collects or handles dirty laundry, as it’s potentially contaminated with
spore-forming bacteria.

As well as PPE, laundries should also consider installing specific equipment
to help with infection control, including gel-dispensing door handles and
antibacterial door handle covers.

Every facility should have a clear infection-control plan that identifies the
points at which staff could be exposed to potentially infectious items,
including oft-overlooked areas outside the laundry, when linen is being
collected and transported. Inside the laundry, it’s important to wash hands
after removing gloves and when going from clean to dirty areas, and to
remove gloves after loading a washing machine but before closing the door.

hand washing