Microfibre cloths and mop washing

Are you confident your cloths and mops are truly clean?

As a lightweight and ultra-absorbent alternative to cotton cloths and traditional sponges, microfibre’s
tightly woven polyester and nylon fibres effectively trap dirt and dust via a static charge – providing a
deep clean with minimal chemicals.

However, whilst microfibre is an impressive material that uses less water to
produce excellent cleaning and disinfection results, these benefits are lost
unless a quality professional system is used to launder it – and the same
goes for all other cleaning cloths and mops.

In terms of infection control, it’s imperative you use specialist programs that
launder your cleaning cloths and mops whilst defending against the spread
of microorganisms in a number of ways, including specific temperatures, fast
cycles and quick draining. Only with these special measures in place can you
be sure your cleaning mops and cloths are truly clean and free of infection.

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