Laundry standards

What are the Australian Laundry Standards?

Australia/New Zealand Laundry Practice AS/NZS 4146:2000 is a set of guidelines designed to
ensure safe infection control and disinfection of soiled linen in laundries across Australia.

The standards themselves are a lengthy document, but the advice they give can be distilled
into key sections. In terms of disinfection, the standards state that either thermal disinfection
or chemical disinfection must happen in order for linen to be considered truly disinfected –
and this outcome must always be validated, or proven.

Thermal disinfection involves washing the load at a minimum of 65°C for not less than 10
minutes, or a minimum of 71°C for not less than 3 minutes. Chemical disinfection, on the other
hand, is used for heat-sensitive linens, and involves using chemicals to disinfect it to the
same level as thermal disinfection.

When it comes to infection control, separation is key. Dirty linen must always be separated
from clean linen – whether your laundry’s outsourced or on-premise, you have to ensure
separation at all points throughout the process. From laundry design and ventilation to
equipment, transport, laundry bags, trollies and more, keeping items clearly segregated is a
key consideration at all times.

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Are your facilities up to scratch?

Now you know what the standards are, how can you be sure your equipment and facilities are performing?

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If you’re concerned you might not be meeting the standards or
simply want to confirm you are, a laundry audit can thoroughly
assess your situation and put your mind at ease.