Laundry flow

To achieve efficient infection control, consider the flow of linen

From the moment linen is collected, hygiene should be front-of-mind at all times. Soiled linen must
always be carefully separated into appropriate bags, which are ideally clearly colour-coded and
opened with pedals.

laundry cycle diagram

Entering the laundry on a side designated for dirty loads, linens should be sorted in an area of the laundry specifically put aside for the
task. Once the laundry has been sorted into batches, the linen will be ready to be processed in the washing machines.

Wet and soiled linen should be processed as quickly as possible to avoid development of micro-organisms and, once washed
appropriately, linen should be handled no more than four times between the end of the wash cycle and the time it’s stored in delivery
trolleys. All clean linen must be kept in a clean, dry place that’s distinctly separate from soiled linen.

person doing laundry
laundry room