Ozone systems

Less water, fewer chemicals, guaranteed disinfection

One innovative way to ensure total disinfection is the use of an ozone laundry system.

As a highly reactive, naturally occurring gas, ozone is a strong natural
oxidiser that acts as a highly effective biocide and fungicide.

Offering guaranteed validated disinfection in every wash, ozone laundry
technology also uses less water, energy and chemicals, extends linen life,
saves time and money and offers a multitude of environmental benefits.

When it comes to superbugs, ozone technology is the very best weapon
laundries can use. The Renew V03 Ozone System is the only system proven
to kill dangerous superbugs including E.Coli, C.Diff and MRSA, 99.999% of the
time, with guaranteed validation delivering peace-of-mind for every wash.

Ozone laundry disinfection